Yellow Brass

Last Update : April 18, 2024 . Price : $2.08/lb

Whether you’re an individual with a small collection or a business contractor with a large quantity of scrap, yellow brass is a commonly sought-after material by scrap yards. The value of yellow brass fluctuates, so it’s wise to sell it to your local yard promptly. This metal is typically found in items like mixed brass castings, faucets, tubing, and bolts. To secure the best price for your yellow brass, consider reaching out to multiple scrap yards in your area.

Distinguishing Yellow Brass from Red Brass and Copper

Yellow brass stands out due to its distinct appearance and value in the scrap market, differing significantly from red brass and copper. Identifying the type of brass you have might seem challenging, but scrap yards are usually willing to assist. The color of brass, a blend of copper and zinc, leans more towards yellow as the zinc content increases. For an accurate valuation, consult your local scrap yard about the current rates for yellow brass.

Variations in Brass Pricing

It’s important to note that not all scrap yards differentiate between types of brass in their pricing, often due to the volume of material they receive. To maximize your earnings, keep your yellow brass separated from other metals. For the latest pricing or to find the nearest scrap yard, websites like are invaluable resources. They can also facilitate the pickup of large quantities of yellow brass through their container request feature.